If you wanted proof that CHAZ is full of morons, look at homie on the right.


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    He looks like a rockstar to me!
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    They'll make their keep all their most important secrets in their self-hosted administration system. Written in PHP.
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    Just as a disclaimer: I don't care what language anyone uses. Think everyone deserves taking the piss out of... Although PHP does get it more than the rest.
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    @Frederick I wish I had that hoodie, would so wear it.

    @odite it does, and I too will take the piss out of it when it's right to do so, but it too was one of my first languages, VBScript stole my virginity though 😆
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    CHAZ is reality show to me.
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    What does this have to do with Computers and computer science? Am I missing something?
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    @ODXT check the PHP hoodie, my guy
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    @C0D4 Aha! PHP ❤️
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    I figured it was because of the endless fighting, the graffiti everywhere, the graffiti encouraging people to kill cops and blame whites for everything, the growing of weed in a "communal garden," the overt racism (treating blacks as first-class citizens, all other races as second-class; black-only areas; rules that only apply to non-blacks; etc.), attacking the police, the arson, the very illegal guns, replacing the police with random wandering groups of armed people belonging to various opposing factions, ...

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    @Root Haha, that apparently offended some people. Thanks for the upvotes to counter the downvotes!
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    @Root Can't wait till this behaviour goes mainstream. I want devs to force weaker devs to "bend the knee" for their tech stack.
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    @odite "Donate to Flask development or we will burn your PHP servers to the ground! ✊"

    Yep, can't wait.
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    Yay for PHP, nay for miscategorization 😄
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    What a cool guy
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    @Root donate to PHP, so we can burn these flask projects to the ground!
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