How much does a syntax of a language impact ur opinion of it and wether you'll want to use/learn it?

Some languages I look at and it just looks like an unreadable mess, i dont even bother with. Avoided nodejs up until i didnt have to deal with 100 nested callbacks...

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    It usuallu doesn't impact too much in general, but it bothers me in extreme situations, e.g. I dropped node after getting in the same callback hell
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    As long as it makes sense, I don't care much.
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    As long as it looks like math I'm good.
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    It depends, if I need to use the language to solve a problem I just accept i.

    But if its more of looking for personal interest, then syntax is very important.

    A hard to read language might be very powerful but if it has bad syntax it will also be hard to learn to use that power.

    But above all is documentation and similar. If that is good it means there are a good eco system which might make it worth it any way.
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    For programming bots, I found Python to be a refresher, because of syntax that makes it less complicated for beginners to contribute in. Welp, saying that syntax doesn't matter would be hypocritic of me.
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    I used to care about it, until I found GNU Make. It's ugly AF, but it's still easy to read once I got used to it. Since then I just don't care.
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    I used to care a great deal and absolutely wanted to work in typed languages. I can't make heads or tails from a language like C. But alas...
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    Syntax is okay, but I tend to want to see the idiomatic style of a language first. Trying to code Python like you would C++ can result is terrible code.
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    To me, syntax is a means to an end. What I'm actually concerned about is readability. Some languages are better at this than others, and I'm not interested in unreadable languages. See the recent quote on here about writing code for computers vs writing code for other humans to understand.
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    Elixir niggas be like


    I F


    Man fuck that. I don’t learn ugly languages
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