Honestly, who could have thought at some point of his life that having all the business logic on the database with 20k stored procedures was a good idea?

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    Vendor lock-in
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    @Demolishun makes sense. It’s sybase.
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    A mad person?
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    @PonySlaystation that’s the PG version of what I would call them.
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    I see they've moved you to the project I once had to endure, too.

    At least that's what I hope. The entire business logic in SQL and using a template engine for the statements because hmmm MAYBE it's the wrong tool for the job... that just can't happen twice on this planet. I veto that. Just no.
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    The company starts which I and ends with e? Lol

    now being serious it’s impossible to explain to these people that everything done today that way rise exponentially the cost of a future migration, because even short term future projects are planned to work that way.
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    @eptsousa the company name starts with i and ends with b.

    Fuck. It did happen a second time.
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    @VaderNT ad I said in another rant.

    Every day further from god lol
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    Just be glad you are not at Penetrode...
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