I just come back on this app to ask you, dear developers, to stop using ' for strings everytime, it is supposed to be for chars.

Do it for the eyes of C developers, my eyes are bleeding right now.

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    Well, you do it if the guidelines/handbook/community/internal project says 'yes please do'.
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    Preach it
    It's so annoying to see python or js like this.

    Even worse when the Devs stop being consistent with it.
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    Haha ‘’ go brrr
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    I can't read this rant because I don't C#
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    Except when writing html :P
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    I learned to code in C but when I learned Python I turned to the dark side and now I just use " when doing HTML
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    I dunno. I'm a C guy and I kinda fancy it. Besides C decided that '<char>' is an int and not a char and that is not cool.
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    ' is also in an odd position on many localized keyboards, while " is mostly relatively accessible.
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    @Lor-inc Oh then, i can accept that for QWERTY users but my boss use an AZERTY keyboard where the " is easily accessible...

    " is at key 3
    ' at key 4
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