Hi devRant!
I'm here asking for your advice!
I'm a MSc student in my mid 20s, I took a gap year to work as an IT consultant and I'm planning on going back to studying, keeping at the same time a part-time job.

I already have some experience as a data engineer, developer and sys admin. I'm also mastering in applied statistics and data science and have a BSc in physics. I'm planning to relocate around Europe. All I want is a salary I can live with and a good work/study/life balance (perhaps work 24-30hrs a week?).

So far I've checked out a few IT jobs website and I've found some suitable positions. Problem is most of them are fulltime.

Where would you search for such a job? Is there any website/portal I should prefer? How would you proceed?
Should I prefer any place in particular (i.e. Northen countries)?

Thank you in advance <3

Note: I know it's a very broad question, that's because I'm open to any piece of advice you are willing to give me

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