Medium is hot garbage.

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    The hottest. So hot.
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    @SortOfTested it gives a lot of people who don't deserve an opinion, let alone a platform, a platform to show us how annoyingly stupid they are lol
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    The choir. You are preaching to it. As a time to time ghost writer, the proliferation of blogs as authority irks me to no end.
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    @Stuxnet Sturgeon's Law in action. However, similar criticism accompanied already the invention of book printing.
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    I used to write articles on medium. The “Towards Data Science” publication approached me, saying that they like my articles and would like to publish them. I agreed and they made me a writer. Before any of my submitted article got published, they would usually add a private note suggesting some changes —add citation for your Docker image, or requesting copyright license for a diagram (which I got from google). Of course, I didn’t quote each and every line as if they were hardcore research papers (they were just a bunch of abstract ideas that I learned and applied for doing some cool projects). But yes, I did add citations for where I got the material from (books, blogs, websites). They eventually dropped me from the publication saying that they detected plagiarism in my articles. But then another publication called “The Startup” liked my articles, so they published them and added me a writer. Lol.
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    <insert stupid ass pic>

    My theory is that much of the problem is the blogging as a resume enhancer.

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    I'm hardly the most expert coder out there, more so the opposite and I LOATH reading something and half way through realizing they know no more than I do and wait a second even this example code is shit / wonky ...

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    The real frustrating thing is some good folks out there gave Medium a lot of legitimacy, folks who sure as hell would have gotten plenty of attention anyhow, but they posted on Medium.

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    When one cow starts running, others follow.

    It's not a matter of right or wrong, it's just what they do.

    A lot of social platforms or publisher platforms remind me of this....

    Oh. And if you don't follow the leading cow, you might be trampled to death or stung by a dozen horse flys.
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    So is its plural
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    2015-2017 really was an amazing time on medium. groundbreaking advances in tech published daily. And then the average jo wanted also join and do groundbreaking boring self promotion.
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    @rooter sounds like you are a very dumb smarty pants.
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    It was never hot. Another artificially inflated bubble of a company. But is it a garbage? Yes.
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    Every week I'm thinking more about moving my article to DEV despite the fact that it's Russian article not translated to English.
    I hate how Medium clearly discourages me from reading with that call to action "Don't stop reading" which ironically is a *stop*... And whenever I see results in Google I try to avoid Medium, because I guess it's a waste of time.
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    Oh pah-le-ase, don't contradict yourself 😦
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    @Stuxnet em just trying to imagine this rants ??
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