The Linux!!!

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    Mac 2016 desolder RAM from motherboard, and then cry because you lifted a trace. Throw away Mac and never support anti consumerism like this again.
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    @deusprogrammer Is it really soldered onto the mobo with the new macs? That's super annoying -_-
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    //I am a Linux user

    Setting up a Linux machine is more like:

    1. Buy Windows Laptop couse it's cheaper or there is no Linux laptop
    2. Erase the drive and install your favorite distribution (or try something new... you know that's the funny part)
    3. Mess around with drivers

    4. working
    // That's at least my experience
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    @J4s0n Step 3 is usually the painful part.
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    @deusprogrammer yeah but it is worth it
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    @J4s0n Exactly. I would rather spend the time on wiping out Windows and installing a Linux distro of my choice rather than paying more for a laptop with Linux already on it (and not necessarily the distro I wanted).
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    @asgs have you read the humorous essay that image is based on?
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    @bash-apprentice No. That link is a 504 at the moment. By the way, do you see this image on the devrant.io site? I can't, though I can see it on the android app. Could be a bug, @dfox?
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    I like my old banger.
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    @LucaScorpion to be fair it is also soldered in on a few other manufacturer's recent laptops
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    I guess I'm ahead of the game I don't have to trim my neck bread
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    What about endless customization with tiling window managers and composite managers?
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    In Windows, you can reset OS in single click. It will remove all applications except default.
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    I think they were talking about the default ones in this case.
    Also, there are laptops for sale which don't come with an OS installed. You install it yourself. They're much cheaper as a result. Knocks 100£ off the laptop when comparing the same with Windows OS.
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    1. Buy a linux laptop
    2. Start working
    2. Get sucked into an obsessive 5 hour configuration session
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    @tomato Isn't that gearing us towards breaking Neumann's principle? The components should be separated and changable.
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    Being a Linux user, I won't agree. Setting up takes a lot more, but the working part after setup is much more fluent than mac/windows.
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    @asgs tis referencing an essay by Neal Stephenson called 'In the Beginning was the Command Line'.
    Well worth a read,
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    Unless all you need is terminal and Vim, good luck with the drivers and dependencies...
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