Emails from devRant contain spy pixels 🙂

Okay now, I know it is SendGrid's doing and I only assume good will from devRant devs. But they also need to understand that anonymity and user privacy are crucial qualities of the devRant platform and they're essentially what makes it work.

I thought that developers' attention should be drawn to this.

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    Privacy is a myth.
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    @Stuxnet More like an ideal. We will never reach it fully, but we try to get as close as possible, as much as we can.
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    I would trust my security cards info to devrant, tbh
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    Like all 3rd party email providers, there's a tracking pixel to watch your open/received status.

    Some even go as far to track bounces, deletions, link clicks.

    The only way to not have them, is to not use them, and well, for devRants low volume (assumption), it probably makes more sense financially then it does not too.
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    @OneCommitMan nah it's a myth more than anything.

    That being said, if you're *that* worried about anonymity when complaining about your work, whether it be legal or personal reasons, you shouldn't be putting that information on the internet in the first place.
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    @Stuxnet Regardless of whether it is a myth or an ideal, this is not the point of this rant.
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    @Stuxnet Nah. Just the fact that you can close the door of the toilet when taking a dump proves otherwise.

    But, as @OneCommitMan said, this is he point of this rant.
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    What email client is that?
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    Irrespective of intent, any form of tracking without consent is illegal acc to GDPR. Tracking pixels absolutely count.
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    It can only detect whether you read the email or not and that is also not a reliable method, so, let it go.
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