Do you ever read any of agreement...

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    But I use the superioriest software combination with the Linux kernel making my epeen the size of empire state building
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    The English OSX PDF license for OSX Catalina agreement is 15 pages, while the one for Red Hat Linux is about 1-2 pages per flavor -- so there is a difference.

    But all of the big Linuxes (Wait is the plural Linuxus? Linii? Linuxibus?) do have a license agreement to explain what kind of open source flavor they have adopted for their intellectual property and included packages.

    I know this, because I use Linux, and am therefore superior.

    I like this one, which is part of Debian, the "Sure, No problem. Don't worry, be happy. Now bugger off."-license:


    Especially the clause which says:

    "Programmer asking these legalese questions... You have amazingly powerful tools in your hands and mind, use them to ask and answer the worthwhile questions of life, the universe and everything. Stop mucking about with such legal nonsense and get back to programming."
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    @bittersweet Huh didn't know this existed. Have my ++
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    That Linux license agreement sounds like an Arch Linux user
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    *shaking my head in arch linux*
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    Btw in use Arch
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    You missed part of the linux one out.

    "We have root."
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    I don't read shit lol
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    But is the case
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