Api spamming is another form of DDoS. Isn't it?

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    It is.
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    Is it DoS or DDoS?
    But either way, it can be
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    @C0D4 I'd say DoS in this case as a DDoS would imply shitloads oof devices...
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    @C0D4 depends. I would say DoS cause it might not be intentional. I see many newbie developers spamming an api to make their web application real-time.Like creating sites like YouTube real time sub counting app by requesing the api every 2 sec . which might cause DoS unintentionally.
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    @rocktim so DoS but I doubt it's malicious if it's script kiddies making bots or scrapers.
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    Rate limiting and automatic bans ftw
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    @rocktim For the record, it doesn't matter whether or not its malicious, a DoS is a DoS.

    Only when coming from a huge amount of different origins, it becomes a DDoS.
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