Hey, anyone ever worked on Avro or Serialization?
Please have a look.


I don't know why whenever I ask a decent question on StackOverflow it gets ignored. :/
And a stupid ones gets downvoted lol

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    There's a much smaller audience for avro as compared to formats like protobuf, and it's not a question that the average quora-lurker would find in a textbook, so the population of people who can answer it categorically are few. Investigatory answers are also discouraged on SO, so even if someone if 1 degree indirect they'll not comment vs risking a downvote.

    As to why, avro encodes the schema as json in the metadata section of the file. Open it in a hex editor and compare the schemas.
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    I have found that the expertise that votes up/down is sometimes skin deep. They act like they know a lot more than they do. I suspect a lot of them are college students making a name for themselves. At the same time, some of the answer I have found have been phenomenal in some cases. Other times, not so much.
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    A "new contributor" gave a very nice and elaborate answer to my question. Was that angel from here? :P
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    @Demolishun agreed. If they think they understand the topic, and they don't understand the "question", * downvote *.
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