Class constructor defined on line 700+
😑 Really...

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    My condolences, was it the last method at least or planted somewhere in the middle?
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    Wait, files can go 700+ lines? Since when?
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    @edw1o1 Just recently I read about some legacy code that has a single function with over 10k lines of code that uses include<> to import the code from 3 separate files.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.
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    Please tell me that is after pre-processing
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    @edw1o1 I have projects I have to maintain with over 5k LOC per class 🤤
    700 is child's play.
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    @deadlyRants 🥺haha did we get punished by the same dev?
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    I delete files that go 500+ loc
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    Is it just me or is >700 lines way too large for a class?
    Like I usually split things up at around 500
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    Believe it or not it was a class dealing with sql (orm) inside of a.. wait for it....framework
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