Heard this from a young lady today in the train while she was talking on phone:

"Software guys has the easiest job of all. All they do is sit in front of the computer and does stuff. That doesn't challenge you does it? No offence, I mean I'm not trying to offend anybody blah blah blah...."

Ummm Sorry lady I think you just offended thousands of people although you tried your best not to offend them.

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    It's ok, we can be satisfied knowing we solve more problems in a day than she ever has.
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    My mom also often sits in front of the computer and 'does stuff' in the form of scrolling through FB and playing the Sims. Does that make her a 'software guy'? Neat.
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    Don't glorify yourselves. We're not special. This world has ran just fine before developers existed. And yes - we do just sit in front of the computers and click stuff. Most of the time we 'solve' some useless stuff for some useless company and/or client.
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    As my brother says you just sit down all day 😂😂. My response Ya ya keep using that PHP system that logs your time in and out. 😏😏.
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    No offense , does not help help at all. Why even say it.
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    @Charmgoggles banter ? 🌝🙃
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    Every sentence containing
    "I'm not X, but..." => Yes, you're definitely X
    "No X, but..." => Yes, you're definitely X'ing
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    I assume she used a landline instead of a mobile through an app built by one of those worthless IT guys...she wouldn't
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    I don't get offended by people like her. I just tell them what they hear all day:
    "A Big Mac and a Coke, please".
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    @Grumpy good one but she's more likely to be in upper management...sadly
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    It's basically true guys. She only said the truth.
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    It is true but also demeaning. Yes we sit at a computer all day and do stuff. But the stuff that we do would go over her head faster than a bullet train. And sure the world survived before programmers but that was before the digital age. Without programmers today the world would fail considering most of it is run on computers that run software requiring regular patching.
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    @WerewolfCustoms sure the world ran fine without SEs when computers didn't exist. Nowadays people working with software are important, are you not a developer? What will control the space shuttle that will take us to Mars? What controls what happens when you pay for your lunch? Software, software everywhere.

    I'm not saying every developer is doing something important, but some are.
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    @simeg importance is contextual as are every developer's problems, so to some extent every developer is an important problem solver.
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    @simeg Of course I know that devs are needed nowadays and that some really do important things, but I have a thing against developers glorifying our jobs, like we were the next best thing after sliced bread. Just pointing out that a vast majority of developers is actually doing something useless. Like, sorting a list of newsletter addresses. Or changing a shadow of a button on a blog. Etc.. And, to touch an example you provided - payments: I used to work in the finace sector. 90% of it is useless and redundant. It's its own purpose.
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    @WerewolfCustoms yeah what you're saying is true. Most of our jobs are pretty useless, when you think about it.

    Why do you think some devs have this God thinking of themselves? Because I can clearly see it here on devRant.
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    @WerewolfCustoms Just before I say something, are you being sarcastic?
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    @WerewolfCustoms Neither of them examples are usless to the customer though. A sorted list pronably provides for more efficient marketing which saves money. And the GUI can always affect how users view the site and therefore their retention. Sure they are usless on a scale of all software but you cannot judge fairly on that scale.
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    @Darkmantle I think he went full sarcastic
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    @tahnik I hope so. Not trying to glorify devs but at the same time I see enough demeaning shit about us as it is, let alone in a dev community.
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    Well guys, sorry to disappoint, but I meant what I wrote. Devs act as entitled little kids too often, telling everyone how their work is important and how they solve problems... Yea, some do, but most don't. And, marketing exists to squeeze the last penny out of customers, not to make them 'save' money. (Continued from above.) And, website design is not that relevant if you have quality content that user needs. Regardless of button (or any other) shaddows. We are too often trying to create a need (problem) instead of solving/satisfying it.
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    @WerewolfCustoms spot on that mate!
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    @WerewolfCustoms In your profile you said dev by accident. It makes a lot of sense now haha.

    First of all, I don't think any dev thinks they have the best job in the world and I am not glorifying myself here.

    Here the young lady is clearly thinking devs are just bunch of useless people sitting in front of their computer which we are not.

    You just gave us multiple examples of how devs are useless in different sectors. Like others explained, even simple sorting can bring a business more money and better customer experience.

    You said 90% devs of Finance sectors are useless. Do you realize how important the whole banking sector is and how much it depends on developers?

    You said we are the best thing after sliced bread. Well, we are though. Developers are building the whole digital world now. Starting from simple apps to IBM watson, we developers are contributing to it.

    Maybe everyone is not doing a very significant job, but it's still important.
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    To be fair I said more efficient marketing to save money. As in it costs less for the company to do the marketing. Nothing to do with their customers spending.
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    @Darkmantle Oh I missed the newsletter part. I thought it was sorting any data. My bad
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    Yea, I'm a dev by accident. It's a good way to earn a living. Nothing else. It also proves anyone can do this job.

    As for finance sector - you could get rid of a big part of it and nobody would notice. I've seen it. There is a lot of people employed in it that actally don't provide any value to it. But, come to think of it, this is probably true for almost every sector imaginable.

    I also don't like the 'everyone is important' mentality. Not true. You have to prove your worth and earn your place in the world. The 'everyone is a winner' mentality is going to ruin this world.

    I know I sound grumpy and bitter as hell, but that's what having to grunt your way up does to a person. Soon I'll get my little cabin in the woods and I'll leave you guys alone :)

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    Way the go @tahnik!
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    @Sauruz - Exactly! And that's why I get so annoyed by our proffesion. And, this is a big part of my job. :(
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    @tahnik oh man, have you ever worked in a finance sector IT? Regardless of the importance of it, there is always at least 10x oversaturation of useless BS, where people dont actually do anything just talk about things they have no knowledge or control over.
    They even outsource some of the real hardcore stuff, yet keep messing with the third party while doing their job.
    Sorry for not being specific, NDAs are a real thing there.
    Finance IT is one of the worst environments for people. You are way better off in casinos, and morally its almost the same.
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    When someone say "no offense" before making a statement, usually it is offensive.
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