The problem with me programming lately :

Mom: foooood is ready...

Me: Will be there in a minute. (deep inside I know that's a lie).

5 minutes later...⏰

Mom: food is getting cold!

Me: Yes I'm coming, testing one last thing...I swear !

30 min later I'll join the table...The guilt 😩 I'm sorry mommy 🙏

Anybody else with the same problem? 😅

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    Used to have the Same problem. Until they started to bring the food to my room :p
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    @hizz A dream for me, reality for you 😃
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    I have a similar thing I work at my office text home saying I'll be home soon.. it's 1 in the morning... Maybe not
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    Every single time!!😂😂
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    Oh, how I wish I had someone that cooked for me... 😁 Enjoy it as long as you can! Still relate though! (with other things that I should get up and do)
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    If i wasn't in the kitchen half an hour before dinner time to help prepare it, I wouldn't get any dinner that day :D If I hadn't helped, I would have felt like an ungrateful brat, but it seems to be the norm...
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    In my case, sometimes I don't even eat because I was too tired, or the delivery is already close! Hahaha
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    I love my mom!
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    @cryphisss maybe I'm just being biased but dev are especially attached and fond of their moms haha
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