I can't take any more CRUD.

That's it.

It seems all I do every day is CRUD, CRUD and more CRUD.

It's easy, it's fast, but fuck me... Give me at least some data manipulation to do, SOMETHING where I actually need to enable my mind, and not just "write code while watching netflix".

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    Just start handing out phpMyAdmin creds... fuck it.

    That said I think multiple data source to JSON CRUD is going to be the PDF Reporting of the 2020s.

    So many companies have their data all over the god damn place. I’ve got a crud against five effing data sources, 2 dbs and two rest and an AWS S3... it’s a clusterfuck.

    But it pays the bills and every freaking company has this need because they built their software infrastructure piecemeal and now need to tie it all back together to report anything meaningful out of it.

    CRUD just looks like money to me. 💰
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    Write a subquery to order aggregation of another subquery which aggregates by week day

    So many joyful things you could do to penetrate your mind
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    Find a job that uses rpc
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    @IntrusionCM start writing all the business logic inside the queries and aggregate it, crud can be ... fun ... yea I think that's the word.
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    Listen. The following is not ironic.

    Try to experiment with metaprogramming to create a crud generator. A declarative one.

    If you do this, you’ll transition to a whole new level
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    @kiki That honestly sounds like something I would do for fun.
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    Wait, you don’t write code while watching Netflix? 😦

    Sometimes I play Noita or RimWorld instead since they’re so easy to pause. RimWorld is especially great because it’s only planning and then watching — until a raid, but raids aren’t scary if you planned things out well.
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    @Root ruby was probably the second language to popularize this approach. The first one is Lisp.
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    @kiki Don’t forget SmallTalk.
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    Already did it once xD

    In current project, not possible :(

    I cannot move 1000+ Apis to generic in a "resonable amount of time"

    But yes, that's really fun to do !!
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    @NoToJavaScript ALWAYS. POSSIBLE.
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    the problem is that 95% of 100% of websites is just CRUD.
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    Generate it.

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    you should relax a bit! Create something fun, Read a book, maybe Update your portfolio or resumé! just don't Delete your profile on linkedIn yet.
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    i miss boring crud freelance projects, for some reason they always paid more than my full time mind fucking job
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    @SortOfTested im curious on how much companies uses rpc, because I haven’t yet found one that uses it.
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    @Root I put netflix in background. ;p

    Sometimes I code during 10+ persons meeting with webcam active (fuck that requirement).

    Ofc, I don't listen a lot until I hear my name
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