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    Or maybe Log Horizon
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    I don't want to literally get killed while playing a game dude 😂
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    As long as you give it a better story
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    @byte Agreed.
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    Minus the alfheim part...
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    Hey if you enjoyed Sword Art and Log Horizon, I recommend Overlord 😃
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    @jarodsmk Cheers, added to watch later ^^
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    @ddulic Enjoy mate, I found it difficult to find an anime with the same 'darkness' that SWO had in the beginning, Overlord quenched that :)
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    i thought i was the only one 😱
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    I believe ygdrassil is a better game then sword art online and the Light novel Overlord is also the better story (in my opinion no need to rage) Well certainly ygdrassil has mechanics that are realistic, and would actually make the game fun (like games are supposed to be) And I believe with the current progression and interest in vr it might be possible in ten or so years. What i want is not the vr part don't even have a vive yet I'm just a sucker for mmos ,😉
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    When you are a Kirito fanboy
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