You look like someone who unironically puts “JSON” on their resume as one of programming languages they know.

You probably have casual pictures of Dan Abramov saved on your phone.

Now go finish your top 10 coding productivity lifehacks insta tiktok, or go adjust your standing desk one more time, or go type on your custom mechanical keyboard (which probably has different switches for functional keys. Should I call the keys “functional” if a person like this is the only person who presses them though?)

Yeah, you’re a rockstar. Yeah, that next medium article you’ll write is gonna make you famous. Yeah.

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    Whooooo I'm a rockstar!
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    Yeah, that repost of GeekBrains course will make you look all grown-up and ready to make decisions on your own!
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    @vintprox yes yes yes yes exactly
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    @kiki Actually, I was not as weary of GB as I am now, when they put their scammy ads everywhere. Fuck you, GeekBad, can't care much for work at Mail.Ru Group.
    Three years later, mail.ru web client is still a slow piece of shit. Apparently, this employer doesn't invest into proper stacks - thus it must suck fig. It's like brainwashing IT Indian corps all over again, but in mother Russia.
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    @vintprox they only invest in making friends with mr Vladimir and selling user data
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    @kiki most definitely.
    And this incident with RKN shutting down Telegram seems like a theatrical play now, year ago, because it was way more far-fetched than needed. Durov can't go farther beyond the network of Vova P. in such woke economics as here. Everything is sold.
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    @vintprox I installed OverSight to detect when apps try to access my mic or webcam.

    Telegram for Mac tried to access mic without me doing anything to trigger it.
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    Is this where you espouse the value of XML?
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi “espouse” switched my language to French and I couldn’t help it
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    Y u got beef with my very own completely hand-wired custom split keyboard though? :(

    I'm *very* angery now...

    Nevertheless, I agree with the message.
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    JSON is totally capable of being a programming language btw, just like S-expressions can be a data storage format.
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    @RememberMe that’s mediums like plaintext, not a programming languages. Btw I consider HTML and even mpeg standards to be programming languages
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    I don't
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