Why no polls...
We want to count votes!!! @dfox

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    that was already asked several times a long time ago. very few actually want dumb "<thing> vs <other thing>" polls and resulting holy wars.
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    @rooter are those experts Python app developers?
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    Polls have always been an interesting idea. I think one reason we didn’t add them was because it seemed like they could get very repetitive with the same questions over and over.
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    I can create a bot to do that but it won't make sense replying to poll in order to vote.
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    No idea how it ties in with the rules but couldn't you achieve a similar thing by commenting on a question with possible poll answers and counting votes on those comments? Might be considered skewing users' overall vote counts though
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    Because you’ll all start fights about what language is better than what others, what package is better, what framework is better and yea. Cba with that fam
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    @dfox Thank you for realizing this. They'd be abused so badly.

    If you ever *do* add them, perhaps add them under their own tag (with no exceptions). Then we'd be able to ignore those tags if we wanted to.
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