Android: where ProgressBars go around in circles and Spinners don’t spin

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    Yep, android is always trash.
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    @kiki Well, in certain aspects most definitely. I use my Apple devices because they just do what they should do without the quirks android has, which speeds up my workflow a lot.

    But android is my everyday carry, because I can write an app for about any problem I can think of and deploy it instantly. When I fuck up I can flash whatever debug software to it on a temporary basis to figure out what exactly went wrong, inspecting about every components behaviour during the crash or error, on both hard- and software level.
    I also can just buy a new screen for like £10 and slap it on there when I break one of my dev units because I'm a clumsy fool.

    While on the Apple side, my first MacBooks keyboard was garbage. When I break a screen I'll have to get it replaced for about the phone's worth and when I say "fuck that, I'll do it myself", I either get a fingerprint reader that doesn't work or a LiDAR that refuses to kick in. And yes, that's by Apple's design, not faulty replacement parts.
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    @kiki At least they kinda allow you to have a root on your own damn device, so you don't need to feel like you rent it.
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    @0x5d0 kinda. And not every manufacturer, Meizu was impossible to unlock iirc. Jailbreak is better than anything android world has to offer
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    @kiki Mobile is trash. Actually... Web is also trash.

    People used to laugh about nerds with their hobby computers in their attic rooms, with their clunky applications.

    Then computing became mainstream, and all the mainstream bozos are doing it wrong. Fucking goblins on the subway staring at 6 inch displays. Zombies crashing their noses into shop windows because they're brainwashed by an endless stream of meme shitposts.

    Also fuck laptops actually, little fake computers with their uncomfortable keyboards and lacking batteries. Laptops are a stain of disappointment on the computing landscape, they're the equivalent of a ruined orgasm where a sad amount of cum drips into a bellybutton.

    Fuck mobility.

    Get off my lawn kids. Buy a desktop. Crawl into a basement, that's where computing belongs.

    If you want to go outside, be outside, enjoy the sun.
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    @bittersweet that sounds just about boomer
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    @LameCode20 Also hypocritically sent from my OnePlus. 😆

    I do however feel like there's too much attention going to the shitty mobile platforms, and not enough people own good desktops.

    Desktops always get a bad rep for being antisocial, yet every birthday party is just a circle of people awkwardly browsing their phone.

    For me, my phone is just a poopcomputer.

    I'm pooping right now.
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    @kiki I'll disagree. Jailbreaking isn't always possible, and you have just one manufacturer making these devices. The manufacturer puts active effort into mitigating the ways to jailbreak. On the contrary, OnePlus devices (and some others) explicitly allow to swap the ROM and do whatever you want with the device in terms of software customization without even voiding a warranty. With some other blokes (Samsung and the whole normie device niche) you'll get your warranty voided but it's still possible. Some manufacturers will actively resist but you've got a physical access and there's no secureboot checks to verify that you didn't slap on your own ROM, doable but pain in the ass.

    On the topic of why having an Android is marginally better compared to jailbreak iWhatever: Linux kernel. You'll be able to kill off the zygote, chroot into some env you've set up and run X, effectively making it a desktop device if needed. Pretty damn slick if you ask me.
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