Last Friday all we did in office

devRant + Pizza + RedBull + Street Fighter V + Silicon Valley S03 E03 and E04

Best day ever 😀😀

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    As a uni student soon going into the working world... I probably shouldn't expect this to be the norm 😛
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    We work very hard from Mon to Thu like 10 - 13 hours and party hard on Fri (mostly have drinks and watch Cricket / WWE NXT matches)

    And I have some cool friends 😉

    One of our friend works at a full funded startup, they 'find reasons' to party
    Oh login module is over - party
    Ohh first 100 customers - party
    Oh we didnt party for 4 straight days - party.. 😀

    So ya join well know well funded startups

    And have fun
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    @SD010 haha awesome! sounds like you've got a good thing going - I love the sound of that 😊
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    lol where do you work?
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    Sounds like I need a change!! I work my @$$ off Monday through Friday and then go home and do the same. 🤔
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    Sounds like a blast, glad you had a good time.
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    +1 for first 3 especially haha
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