"I need help"

I joined this new service based company and they dumped this giant messed up jquery/php spaghetti project on me, with no comments or any technical documentation. It's completely unmaintainable.

It's been a couple days, and it has already started to take a toll on my health. I feel anxious, causing me nausea at times. I wanna quit, but no other developer is free to takeover in their company.

Am I a crying little bitch? I wanna man up to it, but it's shaking my peace of mind.

It's pile of garbage, and they want me continue working on it.

I know some of you would say, it's an opportunity to fix something. But they don't want changes or fixes. They want me to continue piling it up with more features, ultimately increasing the technical debt.

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    Been here many times. Dust off your resume and leave ASAP. It's not worth the stress.

    Don't worry about a replacement. You don't owe them anything. It's a business, not family. Its their loss if they're unwilling to put in the resources for the quality of their IP.
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    Not worth your health man.
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    Story of my life.
    Just fix it as you go, they won't know if you don't break anything.
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    @C0D4 honestly it's beyond repair. It's so messed up. They haven't used any framework. It's raw php & jquery.
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    Yes, you're a crying bitch, but for all the wrong reasons. Get that shit clear to the manager. If they understand fine, leave otherwise. Need to take a step when it starts affecting your health :)
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    @3rdWorldPoison little harsh, but thanks.. :D
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