I've been studying a bit about business analytics and intelligence to diversify a bit from dev.

After a lot of looking around I've found it's all just glorified jargon which basically enables your decision to have backing of facts and logic. It sounds as if it's a great coverup tool but don't know if it actually helped decision-making.
Why does researching the market/competition need to have a thousand breakdowns/categories/focus areas.

I feel like an interpretation of business analytics is a very simple and intuitive solution but there is just too much random and wasteful metrics attached to it.

I believe it's just my nascent knowledge and experience speaking, but I never felt the same way about software development, financials, etc

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    BA can be twisted both ways and really is down to the analyst’s personal view based on the data gathered. If you’re getting wet dreams by doing some fancy charts and graphs then this job is for you. That’s my view on it
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    @PappyHans Interesting. I want to believe there is more value to it than having orgasms with bar-charts. I've yet to meet or hear somebody with impactful and profound inferences that don't sound like first-thoughts.

    Some case studies do give me the shivers of something unexpected but I think it's much more dependent on the individual than the process, quite unlike softdev
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