How to eliminate programmers burnout? I know that I'm still raw and I have more to learn but I just want to know from our dearest and craziest programmers/engineers/developers out here.

Cool to have this platform. Thanks creators!

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    If you ever learn the secret, please share.
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    You don't.

    You will eventually get to the point of "fuck this shit", take a holiday and comeback and start your journey to the next moment.

    You can prolong this from occurring with a lack of code outside of work hours, but it's inevitable regardless of your efforts.
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    There's more to life than code. Find those other things that you're interested in. Cultivate hobbies. Spend time with your family/friends. Do random shit just for the heck of it.
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    Weed and getting out of your feelings goes a long way.
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    Cut personal software projects by half in your own time, if you are doing.
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    If you don't feel like developing, then just don't for a while. You don't get a choice at your job but there's no reason to keep working on say personal projects or to force yourself to learn new things just to keep up with the ever changing industry...

    sometimes just doing something else, chillin, watching series, playing an instrument or just spending time with your friends and family for a few days/week even months in some cases can remind you why you loved developing in the first place...

    When everything else fails and it's your job that keeps you in the negative just take a long leave, maybe go out hiking or whatever.. point is, if you do something too much you'll begin to "automate" it to the point it's no longer interesting or fun and it might even make you hate it, feeling like you're stagnating...

    To re-ignite the passion you sometimes just need to stop doing it.
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    There's no trick. It happens now and will happen in 20 years.
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    @C0D4 man, those are the worst holidays. The best ones are ones you don't need.
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    How to eliminate programmers' burnout?


    Don't be a programmer.

    (joking, but, kinda not... seems like burnout goes along with being a programmer professionally, so...)
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    Exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep. In that order.
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    Start a designing job.
    Get too deep into it.
    Get designer's block.
    Get back to programming.
    Everybody wins.
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    @3rdWorldPoison what do you mean sir?
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    @kjing A joke. Don't worry about it ;)
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