I often see desk setups where there is a screen on the top of everything.

Isn't that really dangerous for the eyes? Afaik you should always look down when looking at a screen

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    This is correct... ergonomically speaking.
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    @C0D4 I haven’t seen anybody sitting like that. I wish I could remember to fix my posture.

    In general, this profession is harmful to body: sitting long durations, eyesight degradation from looking always at the screen and potential neurological problems.
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    @dmonkey that would be an ergonomic disaster (same goes for the screens being too high up or too much on the side).
    You shouldn't be curbing/arching your back or going into the Facebook logo position having your head looking down for long periods.
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    I prefer the center of the monitor slightly below eye level. If I have the top of the screen at eye level, I will have my head tilted forward, which means that there is a static tension in upper back.
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    Having your eyes looking up constantly will cause strain in your eye muscles. No other danger, I don't think.

    When the muscles get tired, you tend to shift your position so that you can relax them if you can. And shifting your position every now and then is what you should be doing.
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    I don't look down at anything.
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    @Berkmann18 I just meant "looking down", not curving. Exactly what @C0D4 posted
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    "Really dangerous" is a bit of a stretch.

    Most of these ergonomic arguments were really shouted about in the 90s and early 00s, but in reality long term damage from using your chair / desk / monitor the "wrong" way is ill founded at best, and mythical at worse.

    On the contrary, I've known several people who actually *developed* problems after being told to use wrist rests / adjust posture / desk height etc. when their previous setup worked fine.

    It's really a personal case of "you do you".
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    Posture is everything. I’m a tall guy (6ft 2) and a “standard” desk is not tall enough for me. My custom desk is 850mm high, my chair has an extended gas strut in it. And the top of my monitors are about 1” above eye level.

    I have suffered with Carpel/Cubital tunnel for years due to poor posture.

    Anything that forces you to “look up” is bad for your health. Whilst you’re “young” it can be fine. But I’m in my 30’s and shit starts to hurt and ache after a while of sitting poorly.

    Health > Desk Aesthetics
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