I guess there is a reason (even a necessity) for StackOverflow to be toxic.

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    That response is terrible.

    I do think though that they could have told them just a little about 'why' they asked them to use that command.

    Don't expect a full whiteboard session about NPM, but just the slightest explanation as far as why they're suggesting it might help.
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    What kind of fucking idiot blindly runs a command that some random stranger posted without at least looking up what it does first.

    Honestly some people need someone to wipe their arse for them, they're so fucking useless.
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    @nibor nc -l 22 and then please post your ip and password

    ^ this will solve any errors in your script
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    @luxe011 I'll be happy to do that. (100% sure no ssh of mine accepts password auth)
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    Badar is cringe. Don't be like Badar.
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    @nibor agree. SO is a magical place.
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    It’s doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other.

    People don’t have to happily accept and answer every single question that could be asked. They also don’t have to be toxic assholes and shit on basically every question. (StackOverflow has trended towards the latter.)

    Honestly, things should be somewhere in the middle of these two. As an example, many IRC channels would tell you off for being dumb, for not knowing how to ask a good question, not providing proper background info, not at least bloody trying to solve it by yourself, etc. However, if you did these things and asked a legitimate question that you actually researched and attempted to solve yourself, they would be more than happy to help you.

    The whole point is: don’t waste someone else’s time. They don’t exist to answer your questions, so don’t treat them as such. Some do, however, happily volunteer their time to help, so respect them and their time, and only ask when you have exhausted your ideas and are actually stuck. If you respect them, they will respect you.

    (Though there will always be assholes out there, so ymmv.)
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    @Root This should be shown the moment a new user register on StackOverFlow
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    I dont see the point... npm -i doesn't deletes anything. This guy is clearly an idiot.
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    The problem is with the expectations people set when working SO.

    You will dump that shit over someone on telegram/WA/Signal/Discord just because that's how conversations work. You incrementally ask about stuff like how typical forums function.

    But SO tries to be a clean knowledge repository as well which most people don't get. They feel entitled to an answer by back and forth and not making the conversation concise.

    I agree how SO looks toxic, but if not for that strict gatekeepers, the site would be a cesspit like tomshardware, win7forums and the likes.
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