My manager is so cool at work that he doesn't care if I sleep during office hours or even skip working for a couple of days as long as I meet the deadlines. All he cares about is getting the work done and keeping his team happy.
I abso-frigging-lutely respect him very much and like him as a person.
Unlike my friends' managers in other departments, he wouldn't assign me more work if I finished a project before the deadline.
I wish all the managers in all the companies realise work-life balance is important and act like him.

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    Woah that's awesome
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    Bro don't ever leave. That's almost impossible to find anywhere else.

    Buy them gifts. Seriously. lol.
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    @junon 😅 true. I am not planning to tbh
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    "He won't give me new task after I finished a task before deadline"
    ---- Not on planet earth.
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    @GiddyNaya not everyone in the universe is an ass I guess xD
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    Me need one of ‘em.
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    @GiddyNaya welp I don't need to assign myself more work if I'm done for a milestone, my manager just overbooks me in the first place instead.
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    What would he do if you finished your project 2 weeks before the deadline?

    Give you a 2 week vacation?
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    How often do you finish before the deadline? Who's deciding when the deadline is?
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    That's nice, a lot of people leave jobs because of managers that don't know how to balance the workload, they need to take care of their people because they are the driving force of the business
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