Love how a teacher of mine described IO wait for CPUs on a blackboard.
"That's calculation time." *draws three small lines on the blackboard* And this is IO wait. *draws a really long line, goes out of the class, out of the school, comes back* "Yes, this is IO wait. No matter how good and fast your CPU in your gaming PC is, if your hard drive is shit, everything is shit."

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    Whole class was done for the rest of the day then
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    This is perfect teaching.
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    I'm having a joy of a time with a DBA turned developer who insists that pulling employees one at a time, think getEmployee(int EmployeeNum), is faster than loading the needed employee fields into a DataTable and then searching it. He says he doesn't believe a in memory DataTable search (via LINQ) can be faster than an indexed table in a DB, but he doesn't add in the time to call the DB that lives in a data center.
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    @bkwilliams sounds like a terrible DBA too.
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    @Rabb reason why he is now a dev.
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