Had to create an App in unstable Phonegap (2012) for all 4 platforms,
for our biggest Dubai based client for a Tech Event, within A WEEK :/

Forget Phonegap, I didn't even know JavaScript back then :|

That was the shittiest App I have ever created, still somehow got an appreciation mail :|

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    Have you used PhoneGap on more recent projects? If so, did it work for you?
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    Yes. Not exactly Phonegap (now owned by Adobe) but open source implementation of it i.e. Cordova

    The relationship between Phonegap and Cordova is similar to Chrome and Webkit

    Cordova has become much more stable now, with good ecosystem i.e. More than 1000 plugins

    Now a days it powers many hybrid platforms like
    Ionic (Angularjs)
    Intel XDK
    IBM worklight etc

    We recently created a large banking related application in Cordova

    One thing is there, you dont get as smooth as native performance, but you can get close by using few hacks
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