Got offered a project to develop e-commerce site. Bespoke. E-commerce. Sage pay. CMS. 4 days. When I said it's basically impossible, got told that the company was offered the same solution by an Indian developer but in 2 days, so it shouldn't be a problem to do it in 4.

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    Yeah two days - can you imagine what they will get? Well it will be a nice lesson learned.
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    I'm sure it would've worked really well too.
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    It could have been "other developer" instead"Indian developer" 😞
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    Tell them to use the other developer their are some deadlines that just aren't worth it
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    Dear Sir,
    I'm a full stack fullhd 2.0 developer with 50+ years career in [all human known technologies here]. I can build your website in 1 day(s)
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    @skbly7 I'm not being disrespectful or anything, but the guy was actually from India.
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