I'm getting kicked out during probation period and I'm about to have interview in a new place in the next week or two. During interview, should I be honest tell them or just cover it up? What should I tell them if they are prying?

The problem underlined was communication problem. I'm in charge to maintain old project made by other engineer now an "upper dude". Upper dude and I have different views and at some point he start being unreasonable getting heated up looking down on me provoking me. I took the bait and it doesn't end well. The next day after lunch I'm scheduled with HR and well, fired.

I know he's provoking and I took the bait. At that point I don't know how to improve the situation other than saying yes to him so I just wing it. But if I did say yes, it would slowly cause problem which I'm not willing to handle. Its damn near stupid reason to do it his way and I don't want to do it.

My track record in 2 previous place was great. My concern is what if an HR person be like "Eww this man fail probation. He must be suck". How screwed am I?

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    Do you even have to mention that place
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    Have a look on workplace stack exchange, there's probably a few similar questions
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    @electrineer Its not on my resume but theres a gap between the last place and now. It would be like me unemployed since October
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    You left because you didn't like it, so you can just say it. The probation period is for both sides.
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    @sbiewald <----- correct answer imo, op doesn't even need to say this tbh
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    Don't lie, don't advertise. It didn't work out, creative differences. Don't give more detail than they ask for
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    I wouldn't include it in my CV let alone mentioning it in my interview if it means lessening my chances. If there's kind of a gap try to find something to say(if they ask you about it)
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    I had a similar situation and my probation period ended after a month and a half in november.
    Honestly, don't even mention it, I got rejected after interviews where i made the mistake of being honest about what happened
    Now i just don't mention it and just say that I had trouble finding something during the pandemic
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