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    ño, Vim for life.
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    In what universe does someone ask you for a text editor recommendation?
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    Vim plugin for VSC
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    @kamen I had an interview where they seemed like a really stuck up dev house and I had pretty much already decided I didn't want the job, so when they asked me what IDE I prefer I told them "I like Dreamweaver" fucking deadpan.

    They visually cringed. LOL And that shit wrapped up pretty quick after dropping that bomb.
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    I once switched from Windows to Linux and searched for a good FOSS IDE for years.
    Then i bought a JetBrains subscription...

    And this meme is actually good!
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    Use vim for years, switched to visual code with vim but it just didn't workout. Vscode was like the girlfriend you have while being married and then realizing you still love your wife.
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    meh, not a fan
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