I just signed up to get this off my chest.
Dear Windows, you god damn moronic, ugly, unuseable abomination of an excuse for an OS. I wonder how we could end up here in this situation. You suck, in every way imaginable. I didnt choose Linux or Mac, you made me do it.
I know no other OS that can screw you up this bad when setting up. My friend is an experienced windows user and the last install took him 2 days. I just spend the last day trying to get this uncompatible sucker installed. I manage to set up an hackintosh quicker than I was able to install Windows the last three times I checked, you scumbag.
Your error messages suck ass, there is nothing I cant figure out given enough time, except your useless hints and pathetic attemps to get anything done on your own.
And you are fucking slow. Just why, do you keep installing stuff I didnt ask you to. Now I got this ugly ass Bing-Toolbar because I missed a damn checkbox in an .exe, which could have also been an exploit, you never know.
You are cluttered with useless stuff. I dont care about you lame ass app store, idc about your cortana annoying spy assistant and I certainly dont care about your forced updates.
Just sit back and feel your PC getting slower every day by background processes. Watch your productivity decline while dealing with their brain dead privilege and file system.
You ugly malformed mutation of software. When I look at your UI I feel disgust while wondering how you can fail with the most basic principles of UX.
How pathetic, badly supported, bug ridden and dangerously unsecure can an OS be you ask while trying to navigate through the settings, a pile of legacy software debt this garbage pile was build on. And your shell... what a sick joke.
I hate you Windows. For screwing other OS with your asshole boot manager, hardware driver requirements and making people send me .zip and .docx. You should be embarrassed to charge money for this unfunctional junk, but you do, a lot.
I really try to see the positive here. You got all the software, but thats not on you, thats because all those poor suckers are trapped with you and the effort to change is too big.
This OS is the most disappointing thing technology could come up with today. I would rather set myself on fire than work with this pain in the ass software professionally. I mean if you are a serious developer at some point you have to admit that you just cant develop on windows. You will get fucked 5 times as often as any Mac or Linux user. Fuck you, Windows.
Hey Microsoft, thanks for Typescript and VSCode and all the other good things you have done. But burn in hell for what you have done to all of us with this piece of shit OS.

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    hi there! welcome to devRant! 😃
    Thank you for this proper and lemghty rant.
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    Was pleasantly surprised there was no reference to arch Linux at the end. Take my ++
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    Awesome first rant. I agree with most of your points.
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    Nice rant!
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    Amazing rant! Yeah, fuck Windows.
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    yes.......let out all that anger. I lost 300gb plus of downloaded data and important data to a ransomware. with all the paid antivirus subscriptions and windows defender. almost a year and most of the lost info is untraceable.
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    Yeah right, I forgot about that.

    I was trying to set up a project for a new colleague on his windows machine and docker and other dependencies threw some errors. But they changed every time after rebooting, some times you got lucky, often you dont. How fucking incosistent is that?!
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    Dude, I am sorry for you, that sucks. That actually might be the best thing about windows in existence, that other OS are relatively safe from malware due to windows monopoly.

    I just use Windows for gaming nowadays. Its mind blowing how many workarounds windows requires, when 95% Linux needs is an software update every week and eventually you will have to fix a thing with an awesome community of experts behind your back.
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    Windows is like feeling your stepdad’s finger inside your asshole when you’re like fifteen
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    @kiki awkwardly specific 😟
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