Programming is easy 😂

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    When someone says something like this, I usually tell them to pretend I'm a computer and give me a simple task to do. Then I ask clarifying questions until they give up.

    "Make a sandwich."

    "Okay, what kind of sandwich?"

    "Ham and cheese."

    "Great, where do I get ham?"

    "It's in the fridge."

    "Where's the fridge?"

    "It's in the kitchen."

    "How do I get to the kitchen?"

    "Go that way."

    "How do I go that way?"

    "Just stand up and walk."

    "How do I walk?"
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    Except the computer is like a 3 year old that can only talk very basically and has no actual understanding of life or context
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    @EmberQuill you forgot to throw exceptions. Your interface is way too user friendly
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    @EmberQuill you're assuming way too much knowledge lol
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    It's a pet peeve of mine when someone assumes that my job is super easy. (I'm sure most professionals hate this no matter what their career path.)
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    Depending on the language, it may or may not be true. I'm teaching to an intern that has troubles with if-else statements, I'm literally making him draw flow charts to get him accustomed but damn I don't remember having so many problems when I started.
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