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    Another bs comparison without context...
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    They're all tools, they have different uses and maybe you use one because you know you can get the job done faster, or maybe you know one sucks for a use case.

    I have a drill that can do most everything screwdrivers or other tools can do.... still have both.
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    Once the Python projects scales up a bit, the lack of type safety will choke the developers

    Java's development speed is slow yet consistent, Python's gets exponentially slower as the project grows
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    I literally don't care, I use both of them, and also some others including C and PHP and I can firmly say that the speed isn't the only thing that matters, heavily depends on the project and even development stage
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    Who the heck cares but with java you at least have some consistency and it's better for large scale, enterprise projects.
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    yeah until you had to spend some few hours finding out why the program just randomly broke down in prod, said you can't call a_random_string.lower() because a_random_string was, in fact, a tuple.

    You saw that, a_random_string is assigned with the result from a 150 lines function that a coworker of you wrote. You fired up the debugger, hoping to catch where the function return a tuple. However, the bug would only surface in a few rare edge cases. You spent a whole fucking hour trying to look the buggy input only to find out that, a return statement was:

    return result,

    instead of:

    return result

    Fuck lazy ass devs telling us to use dynamically typed language because they are "faster to write", they should be tried in a fucking court
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    Kids comparing programming languages and think it's cool.
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    The they both have the legitimate reason to exist and live alongside.

    Script kiddie wannabe comparison is what you see here.
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    Retards that don't know when to apply specific technologies for a task: up 20,000% since 2010.

    I sped up my python program to create fractals by pushing the computation to the hardware. I pushed it to the GPU in fact.
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    @10Dev that is rather a symptom of bad design and bad code.

    I use both and they can scale well if you take the time to do your job properly and know the strength and weaknesses on each.
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    Braised rabbit and turtle soup are both tasty.
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    Facebook is going down, Sonny
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    @10Dev there's mypy and stuff...
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    I start to like ladder logic, its even faster :D
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