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So, I'm currently looking for advices and this may be very long. It will be about web developpment, so that you know if it's worth your time or not !

I want to help my father build a website. The project will start little but can grow really big if everything goes as he planned (which will probably not happend​ but I'd like to share that experience with him anyway).

That means that we need it to be really flexible. As I have a little bit of experience with it, I was thinking to do it with node.js.

The thing is my father would like to be able to edit himself from time to time ; which means CMS, which I'm not really excited about. I told him so and he agreed on node.js if I don't find anything else that will be really good (he looked himself for CMS and wasn't really convinced anyway)

So I'm asking you, wonderful community, is there any suitable (and enjoyable) CMS that I could use ?
In any case, have you general advice for the newbie I am ?

Thanks in avance !

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    without any information, this doesn't really make sense. there are tons of cms out there, hard to say which will suit your needs or meet your preferences. also nodejs hasn't got anything to do with it, except that you can use a cms build upon node, if you want to.
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    write your design in human text, plan well, try around some frameworks, django, rails, expressjs, try some cms, (not fucking WordPress or joomla)
    write down your desired code structure, a list of features ... etc, and especially think more of what you want to achieve than what your framework of choice can do, learn how to do common tasks, auth, upload, db schema, caching ...etc then rolling your own cms on a framework isn't that hard.. explore your options well
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