Achievement Unlocked:
Manage to get +1s from both dfox and trogus in the same day. :D

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    I don't think it is hard
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    @AboMahdi it's really not. Which is why I think it's interesting that many people make "omg dfox +1d my thing!" posts.

    63% of ranters unlocked this
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    This might be photoshoped tho...
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    @lexxer lol

    I took two screenshots, cropped the single pertinent notif from each, then inserted them into QuickMemo+ then took a Capture+ and cropped it, added text, just to produce what you see here. I have an LG phone so I used what I had instead of Photoshop.

    One thing is certain, those snips are not edited in and of themselves.
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    @JerreMuesli speaking the truth isn't being an asshole. It's how it's delivered, I think. I know that this may be my shittiest post yet. So I'm not going to do any more like it. Honestly I never expected it to get even this many ++.

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