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    Don't tape petty little notices to doors... we are a fortune 500 company...
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    And neither person can do grammar
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    Comic Sans is not a bad font. It's just always abused!
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    @sirjofri even if it was written only once, in the right context, it is the spawn of Satan and should never have seen the light. There are circles of hell dedicated to it's madness. There are forms of tortures less horrible than comic sans. It is the only font breaking the Geneva convention if ever used in war.
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    Haters gonna hate. But comic sans is a highly successful font for the reason it was created. There's a interview with comic sans founder on YouTube is anyone s interested.
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    Afaik it was created to imitate the original handwriting of the watchmen comic. And it does it very well, imo. It was never intended to be used as an everyday font on door signs or long texts. If I will ever typeset a comic (in tex, of course 😜) comic sans would be in the top 5.
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    They could have used Comic Neue.
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    I'm a graphic designer first and I'm usually not using Comic sans in my projects but the thing that does not make a font too bad is that Comic Sans are easy to read and read. It also makes sense as opposed to fonts such as Wingdings that have no special meaning for them.
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