Got up middle of night , why’s there light in the living room, went out to this , it was scary

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    They looked like they are preparing for an attack 😃
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    does definitely look unusual. My brother had a similar problem. When we lived at our parents, we shared a room, for all computer related stuff. Since i was the one, who stayed awake the whole night, i usually noticed, how the PC of my brother turned on itself for no apparent reason. Stuff like wake on LAN was disabled btw. It happened atleast twice a week.
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    Windows suck
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    i would imagine, that this has nothing to do with Windows, at least not this time.

    I think in his case it was the Mainboard, that did this. Since he got another one, the problems stopped. A Smart move was then, to use that old Mainboard in a Windows Server PC, because when it shuts down, i goes back up automagically.
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    the lenovo cult meeting
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    That are televisors. They are supposed to be online 24/7. Trying to turn them off is a crime.
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    I'm drunk I can see this guy
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