You are so young to be married. Why did you get married is she like super hot?


Cmon you can tell us if your wife is super hot.

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    Or maybe someone was stupid enough to knock someone up and had to marry her.
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    Was that asked on an interview? I'd leave on the spot.
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    Wait till you tell them you have kids and can't be on call at midnight.
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    @NeatNerdPrime It was an interview. I left feeling gross.
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    @irene my sincere condolences. I do hope you have something better now.
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    @NeatNerdPrime That was maybe 14 years ago. I am in a totally different city and area of development now. That was basically a job to do CMS customization. Now I do system design and engineering type work. Current employer needs more engineering discipline but it is one of the best corporate cultures I have been in.
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    @irene lovely to hear, peace and prosperity to you.
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