Hey read this. This shit is funny. HAHAHA

I was fixing a bug right. The bug was throwing InverseOfAssociationNotFoundError in our rails admin page when deleting a user. So the director of engineering called and we had an argument because he was insisting that the error InverseOfAssociationNotFoundError is OUR IMPLEMENTATION. HAHAHAHAHA. my goodness. I showed him that the error comes from the constraints when deleting a user. A table has no relation to the user table but my senior added it anyway for some reason. I was mad and laughing at the same time because I showed him the documentation and the simple fix. These idiot keep flexing his 30 years of experience. HAHAHA

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    Well, adding constraint relationship to user table and cause an error when data deleted is actually good, because it's try to prevent data inconsistency. The solution to this problem is either make constraint on delete cascade or implement soft delete. which is better its depend on your project requirements.
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    @BimaAdi the problem is its not supposed to be there. It was a copy and paste mistake. Like the 2 table should have no relationship at all. Hahaha. But my boss believes that the error was our feature. HAHAHAHA
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    Wasn't that funny
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