As a dev, not a manager, what's the maximum number of projects you can handle at once?

I know it depends on the workload but wanna see how others do on average.

Literally fried up with so many projects put on my shoulders after the exodus from my company since they f-ed up bonuses and hikes.

Also, why does every manager think their project is The Priority one? Selfish assholes.

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    Countable-infinity because why not.
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    One main project and about 3 to 5 sides. But I make sure my manager become my gatekeeper so I can focus on the technical side of things.
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    One main project with high priority.
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    I multi-task about as good as a walrus high on marijuana.

    1. Maybe 2, in a pinch.
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    I've got like 4 or 5 going right now but it's probably too many, 2 or 3 is better
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    One major, several minor that never get finished because fuck you that's why.

    I'm not going to burn myself out just because some suit decided to liquidate 75% of the local talent for remote contractors that cost 75% less.
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