If corporate always bothers that they can't find any female dev to hire, then encourage them to look into femboys!

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    What about dick girls?
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    They can complain all they like, but I'm still unemployed. 🙄

    What they want is not female devs, they want male devs with tits. None of those workplaces are diversity-friendly.

    Also firing the sexist devs makes the env more suitable and therefore women/fem men/trans folk are likely to pick them as a place to work.
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    I mean I'm getting kinda fat... everywhere...

    I might qualify.
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    @N00bPancakes depends on the progress, but sure. As long as you're okay with your coworkers knowingly or unknowingly stare at them. (occasional sexual harassment is also in)
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    Department wide maid outfit roll out when
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