This is fucking horrible and if this happens at many companies I understand why women leave techjobs.

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    Fucking disgusting
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    Reminds me of when I showed up for traffic court once, and had to listen to some of the general court docket before they got to the traffic cases. There was one kid that came up, and the clerk read off a long list of previous charges and alternate arrangements he'd received for being a first-time offender each time—something like 7 or 8 of them. The judge ended up doing the same yet again; I guess since he hadn't been convicted he was eligible for continued leniency from the court somehow, ludicrous as it seemed.
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    As a male developer, they should be ashamed of themselves.
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    @nblackburn as a human being, they should be goddamned ashamed of the fact they draw breath. In an industry that needs more and more workers, to treat any group as being lesser than others is to be a fuck wit. They make me ashamed to be of the same species
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    @iam13islucky I don't think i would wish death on them but they should be ashamed for sure.
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    @nblackburn I don't wish death, but I wish they feel worse self-loathing than I have at my worst. They should have trouble sleeping
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    In the UK this would warrant follow up externally through legal routes as it is clearly in breach of employment law and discrimination. However this could result in a black mark against you for future discrimination. It's all fucked, as long as there are shitty people there will always be discrimination.
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    Susan should not have stayed after the first time.
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    This was painful to read
    The way women are treated because they're so few and that there's this stigma to fire people that perform well is unbelievable
    I was talking to my mom as I was reading this and she said the HR person sounded like that woman that came up with that "project" in Russia that allows man to beat up their women as long as they don't get injured to go to the hospital 😕
    Performance reviews should also include some sort of social review. A good employee shouldn't be considered good only based on performance. Of course that would also lead to other kind of problems, but even performance reviews can be staged, so there has to be some way to dummy proof these things
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    Sigh... We definitely have a long way to go.
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    Yup, disgusting. Blatant sexism but also bullying and shitty politics. Hope someone got their ass handed to them.
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    This is why we hate managers
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