A CTO who tells you to use web interface instead of cli (ssh) to configure port forwarding

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    Okay, decent rant premise.

    Now add details, background. Explain why this is an issue. Explain if the CTO has any cli experience. Add anger and frustration. Add color. Make it an entertaining and cathartic story! Really get into it and let it out! That’s what this platform is here for.

    And, as a counterpoint: many routers don’t support api access; perhaps he simply didn’t know?
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    @Root fair enough.
    The story is CTO is basically "CEO who had over 20 years dealing with devs so he knows what's good and what's not" never wrote a line of code, never accessed a CLI, asked me to do some port forwarding so he can have remote access, the way they used to do it is some tech support with basic knowledge get it done locally... I am 5000 miles away, remote access is disabled on the router, i had to jump on a server that is directly connected to the router and then access the router. I shared my screen and he freaked out seeing the cli. The cherry on the top: he wrote a long message giving example of me and saying that he doesn't want us doing that. Cuz according to him why use cli while you have web interface?
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    Well, whatever works for you.
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    @walid Always use a provided interface when possible (web or other).

    The web interface will probably do some checks. Will not mess up the command line. Will never let you go.

    So maybe he just does not trust you to write CLI on a production system.
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