post != rant;
post = "Feature Request";

Stack Overflow is full of abuntch of downvoteing dickbuts. The devrant community is so much more accepting of new devs, why not add a question section.

Down votes would only be allowed for spammers.
One the question was solved, it would go into the devrant question archive, Searchable by everyone.

Ik you have heard this one before, but it's Just my two cents.

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    Upvote because tags
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    No no no no no..there are a lot of places to ask questions, but devRant is a place to rant and have a laugh. If a question section is added, devRant will change for the worse
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    That would get out of hand. I find it's a place to relax from code.
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    Ask questions on reddit or make your own community. Bringing in knowledge currency explicitly could mess up the nice thing we have going on.

    If your question is cool enough, post it as a collaboration.

    Also, downvotes are a good way to say something like "that joke was in poor taste and could set a bad precedent for future users."
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    Fuuuuuuuccccck the stack overflow community! 🙋
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    What about no
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    How about asking correctly on StackOverflow? Never had any issues
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    Save for very few exceptions, I've only seen downvotes for bad answers, which is good because it helps you ignore them, and questions where the person who asks hasn't made an effort to distil his/her question down to the minimal necessary code (i.e. is wasting the time of those who could give an answer).

    Then of course, there are the resident SO dicks. One of the highest rep users has all the social skills of a viper and seemingly enjoys being a prick whenever he gets a chance, but I've seen far worse on elitist Linux forums.

    That's an occasional and unfortunate side effect of high technical skills and low self esteem.
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