Someone on WhatsApp asked me did I like the new update or not ?
Well here is what I replied,
WHAT THE FUCK ?! NOOooo ! already there is Snapchat whose USP is this feature, Snapchat is Snapchat, then they introduced this feature on Instagram that's ok...but WhatsApp should be WhatsApp.

Now it's wasting my time more, earlier I just used to see Instagram & Snapchat stories in my free time BUT now !? I will see these fucking stories again here on WhatsApp too... BECAUSE I can't help it, it's in our human mind psychology too, we are curious beings, we are somehow bound to open that Status Tab when we will see a green dot ! If it's not true SEE THE NEWS ! NASA just found a whole new Solar System just ~40 light years away ! YES we are curious, we explore, we invent things.

I hope they will roll it back, but NO the ugly truth my friend is people will rant about and forget, and we will end up using it too, hate this seriously ! for instance the new iPhones have no 3.5mm audio jack, WTF ?! well say goodbye to my favourite ear buds ! and buy these FUCKING NEW Monstrously over priced bound-to-buy pair of earbuds if you need high quality audio out.

AND are we bound to be slaves and continue using these features because everyone else is doing so ? NO ! I will use whatever I like the most, I will go back to the roots, may be use those old school IMs and may be ask others to join it.

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    Does this has to do something with facebook finally adding its flavors to WhatsApp?
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    Why don't you try telegram bro. Just a suggestion. Really respect the dev team.
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    This is what it is I guess, The Facebook Dominance @Anu-cool-007

    @KaPpa yeah right, we then concluded in this conversation that we should move on to Telegram, someone did recommend me a long time ago, I think the time is now.
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    Nobodies forcing you to use iPhone.
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    Well I don't use an iPhone and I guess I won't be using it in any future, I will stick to my Android with an awesome custom ROM. Aren't you bothered how these tech giants manipulate you ? @cmall1234
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    Aha definitely android ftw.
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