PM: Hey why is A delayed? It should be top priority.
me: I just completed B, and C which were also top priority but got scheduled earlier, so I thought they..
PM: Agh, yes. But can you then finish A by the end of week? it would be very important!
me: No, I unfortunately don't think I'd have enough time by the end of wee..
PM: Why? This should be *the* top priority task. You should not start other tickets before A is done.
me: Exactly. But I *just* started. And. I. don't. have. enough. free. hours. left. this. week.
PM: But why?!
me: So just on Friday I have these 5 meetings here..
*shows calendar*
PM: Ok... OK! Then don't attend those before you are done. This should be more important.
me: Ugh, oh-key...are you sure?
PM: Yea, just let who invited you know that you can't attend and feel free to cc me in, I'll explain A is most important atm.
me: Ok, thanks, but that won't be necessary.
PM: What? Why?
me: You invited me to the Friday meetings.

Obviously I had to attend all 5 meetings today and A is pushed back to next week. :)

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    Are you me?
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    Your PM simply wanted you to Alt-Tab between A, B, and C
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    Your PM is a 🤡
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    When everything is top priority...
    ...that is just a normal day in software development.
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    I would have send the email. With the full elaboration about B/C and than also CC management.
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    I hate sudden meetings that eat development hours.

    Example- during spring planning the development hours is 10 hours. Then meeting invited will pop up that will consume for example 3 hours.

    So now you only have 7 hours to do the development instead of 10 hours and you will be forced to do OT or unpaid OT or unpaid weekend work just to finish the user stories.
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    The absent mindedness of this is hilarious.
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    My pm its so bad((
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    @hjk101 ah yes, always must remember to CC instead of B/CC so boss A can verify boss B received it. The micromanaging lessons I strive to learn as a junior executive in training at Hampton DeVille
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    you should have actually wrote the email to let him know, including phrase like "as per [his name]'s instructions".

    and put him into CC too, as per his instructions
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