I was hired as a senior software engineer. During handover I found out I'm actually replacing the CTO.

I queried why he was leaving and got a simple "just want a break from working" which I found odd.

Fast forward and now I also just want a break from work, permanently. This place has followed every bad practise and big no-no out there. Every bit of software is a built in house knockoff janky piece of crap that doesn't work and makes people's jobs 5000 times harder.

The UI looks worse than Windows 3.1, absolutely horrendous code formatting, worst database structure I've ever seen.

The mere mention of using a team communication tool results in being yelled at from the CEO whom communicates purely via email, who then gets annoyed when you don't reply because they sent the email to a client instead of you.

We get handed printed out "tickets" to work instead of the so called "amazing in house ticket system" built using PHP 5 and is literally crammed into an 800x600 IFrame. Yes a F$*#ing IFRAME!

It's not like we have an outdated TFS server that has work items we can use...

Why not push for changes you say. I have, many times, tried to suggest better tools. The only approval I've gotten is using PhpStorm. Everything else is shutdown immediately and you get the silent treatment.

The CEO hired me to do a job, then micromanages like crazy. I can't make UI changes, I can't make database changes, why? They insists they know best, but has admitted multiple times to not knowing SQL and literally uses a drag and drop database table builder.

Every page in the webapps we make are crammed into 800x600 iframes with more iframes inside iframes. And every time it's pointed out we need to do something, be it from internal staff or client suggestions, the CEO goes off about how the UI is industry leading and follows standards.. what in the actual f....

Literally holding on by a thread here. Why hire a CTO under the guise of being a senior developer but then reduce the work that can be done down to the level of a junior?

Sure the paycheck is really nice but no job is worth the stress, harassment and incompetent leadership from the CEO.

They've verbally abused people to the point they resign, best part is that was simply because the CEO made serious legal mistakes, was told about it by the employee then blamed it on others.

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    Run forest, run.
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    Why the fuck do they have a CTO then?
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    Has your company a board of directors? You know the CEOs boss?
    Could you try get him ousted?
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    Are you really the CTO of the company Nothing founded by the founder of Oneplus judging by your username?
    Also, how many people have quit the job due to the terrible "industry leading" in house software
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 I don't think so. Oneplus's Nothing is a hardware venture, while this 'Nothing' company seems like a software company.
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    If the CEO yells, you YELL back!
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    @rantsauce hell yeah! demonstrate dominance! 💪‼️
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    You should do a Jerry Maguire style melt down and get out of there.
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    @rantsauce pull a Gordon Ramsey on his ass.

    "Get your head out of your ass, you donkey! Fuck off back to the nursing home!"
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 I wrote CTO of nothing because I'm basically CTO by title only, I can't actually do anything. It's a joke of a workplace.
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    @heyheni there are shareholders, they are unwilling to do anything. They're just waiting for the boss to either retire voluntarily. Which won't happen for a long time unfortunately.
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    Time to abandon ship
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    ahhah hits really cool!
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    Problem is, there are such companies which despite poor practices and horrendous inefficiency still turn a profit and are leaders in their niche. Usually simply because if there is no equally large competition for a very long time it takes decades for some industry standard grade product to be replaced.

    A friend of mine worked at such a company. Their turnover of employees was crazy. Phrases such as "saw people crying in the hallway, guess it's the time of month where people are being let go again" were found on glassdoor. They also wasted huge tons of money with abysmal practices.

    Yet, despite providing ancient software, with UI/UX akin to Win95, they never went dead, nor will they anytime soon.

    They were simply the leaders in that niche for decades, all competition there is is minor and not widely used by customers and The company is held by foreign investors who don't care about the people they employ - they just reap the profits.

    We all want karma to strike, but it just won't.
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    @Maer yes, true, there are companies like that. This company will run into a huge problem though as they're on super old, super outdated and insecure windows servers. Things are literally breaking and they're simply slapping a band-aid on a mangled, torn up, infected arm.
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    Shit like this makes me realize how good of a company is that im hired at...
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    Seems like we are working at the same place.
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    Paycheck is really nice...

    How the hell is this place making money?
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    don't run.
    you gonna get fired sooner or later anyway regardless of what you do, so just stop giving a shit and start winging it and keep taking their money until that happens.
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    I've resigned and find a new job elsewhere.
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    @CTOofNothing good luck, no point staying if you hate it and there’s other jobs out there
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