Registered for a job application website and on profile page I see my password in clear type! ...

Time to change password to an easy one and remove profile as fast as possible...

Story goes on: changed password which included a special char successfully.
Tried to remove the account but was told password has invalid chars.

Logged off to see if the password still works. Can't login anymore...

Instant rant mail to admit.

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    Please share the site so we can all stay away
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    Story goes on:
    I clicked on forgot password... Guess what I received... A mail with my password in clear type...

    It's a Swiss job application page called ictjobs.ch and it uses a tool called QualiProfil.
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    That's almost as bad as receiving a registration email containing your password... What the hell is the matter with people?
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    I got an answer from the admin. He doesn't know how the database could give me the information if it's not in clear type... WTF?

    Well but it seems he is not the programmer as he said he can forward my request.
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    Ja toby da tönt nacheme freelance job für di ;)
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    @heyheni haha ja gell xD
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    Ouu fuck, bi grad froh, hani döt nie es profil gmacht ^^
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    lol... "remove profile as fast as possible"... Because of that small issue with cleartext passwords....
    I don't think anyone has any use for your job application account.

    you are overreacting....

    I could understand it if it was a webshop site with preauthorized credit card, or a bank account, or a email account... but a job application site - propably bound to a single employer. Who cares?
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    @sebastian you forget that some people reuse passwords for other sites (even if this is bad practice, I know)
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