So I am applying for some Jobs across Internationally. But receiving a lot less callbacks. What is your advice? Do you have some space for a ReactJS developer in your company?

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    Space is everywhere, you need to look around your residence
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    A site where people come to rant about the horrible things their company does isn't really an amazing place to ask if you can work in said company.
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    @Eklavya Don’t wanna look around the residence.
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    @hashedram It doesn’t have to be a rant about a company. Some companies actually help individuals to some extent.
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    @hashedram well. You can get a feeling on how bad someone's workplace is and decide in full knowledge that you're up to deal with that.

    There are no safe havens when it comes to workplaces. But you at least would be able to choose between the better of many evils.
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    Tl;Dr: You're not going to find a work from this community.

    This is a place where people try to stay anonymous from their companies (some more and some less) and nobody would, willingly, share the name of the company they are working for with you.

    There are people who do not even share their country's name.

    Therefore you'll just end up even more frustrated, desperate, wasting everyone's (including your) time and possible becoming toxic to this community.

    You've been warned about the outcomes.
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